Your debtors are abroad and you are afraid of the high costs of recovery? Money knows no borders - neither do we.

We offer you extrajudicial recovery in Slovakia and Czech republic without advance fees. Our recovery is based on "No Win, No Fee" basis. We can also provide the recovery anywhere in the world.

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About us

We are a worldwide operating company with years of experience in debt recovery environment, with a dense network of cooperation partners. For our clients, we provide comprehensive solution of their claims in Slovak and Czech republic.

Our portfolio of services includes extrajudicial and judicial recovery of B2B and B2C receivables, field visits, indemnity of receivables, credit information and monitoring. The client always has an overview about recovery through regular reporting. We are flexible and all our services can be adapted to individual requirements of you, our client. You can learn more about them in the Services tab.


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Late payments erode profits and can lead to bad debts. Let us help.

Our services

- We recover debts from business (B2B) and consumer (B2C) transactions.

- Our reward is an agreed percentage of the recovered claim or its part.

- All recovery costs are settled by our company.

- Claims are recovered directly to our client's account .

- Client is informed about the course of recovery by regular reports.

- In case of need we are able to perform personal visits to the debtor.

- We undertake visits at company headquarters, the place of residence of its statutory body (Registered Office) or officer’s address, or at the domicile of an individual person, the place where the debtor has the habitual residence or place of work.

- The personal visit is documented by photograph and report.

- We find the creditworthiness of the debtor.

- After approval of legal costs by the client, we provide an action and representation by a partner law firm.

- We also provide legal support and representation of enforcement, arbitration and bankruptcy proceedings.

- We inform the client about the course of recovery by regular reports.

- Previous extrajudicial recovery is not a condition for legal action.

- We perform strengthening of creditor´s status by provision of the receivables (approval of the obligation, accession to the obligation, taking over the debt, notary minutes and the like).

- We immediately contact the debtor by reminder service before or after the invoice due date to minimize the possibility of debt.

- We monitor changes, information on bankruptcy, liquidation or dissolution of the company, debts of insurance companies and other relevant business information in the Companies Register.

- Credit reports contain relevant business information on the financial situation of the company. They allow to determine creditworthiness, solvency and any adverse reports for consideration prior to your possible new sales or on a debtor quickly and thoroughly.


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